The curtain might have closed on the final season of 30 stone, but the insane antics of Liz, Jack, Jenna, Tracy & the gang go on. Although relationship typically got a back-seat to work-place shenanigans, Liz Lemon and friends have trained me personally loads about love and dating. Here are some of my personal favorite love lessons i have discovered from 30 Rock:

1. Dating someone who is just too just like you’ll be able to cause problem – especially if you’re maybe not prepared to undermine. Each of us desire to satisfy somebody we have actually situations in keeping with, nonetheless there clearly was such a thing as being excessively alike – especially if the stuff you have in common is actually an exceptionally headstrong, persistent character (see: Jack and Avery, or Liz and Carol) admiration is actually a give and just take. If you fail to back off from a fight, you will likely end up in constant conflict or even worse, in an embarrassing stand-off with your sweetheart on a professional aircraft.

2. Planning an ex’s wedding is actually a bad idea. Positive, you’ll feel you’re becoming the « bigger person » but there is however absolutely no way this might be planning conclude really. Rather, it is going to probably result in uncomfortable speeches or painful electric guitar solos when you go through 10 several hours in Spanks. For the sake of everyone, merely say « no. »

3. You’ll need charm and minds.  It doesn’t matter if your own big date is actually extremely good female looking for couple, if he believes orange Gatorade is a great marinade for salmon, its never ever likely to operate.

4. You should invariably determine if person you are internet dating relates to you, before making away using them. Assume everyone is your own cousin. Merely trust us with this.

5. You shouldn’t settle! It’s a good idea getting by yourself than with somebody who is totally incorrect for your family.

6. It’s not possible to return back over time. It may seem wanting to re-date the exes may be beneficial, but keep in mind – they’re your own exes for a reason.

7. Constantly exercise secure sex. So, the primary reason you thought you were expecting ended up being actually  as you’d already been ingesting off-brand North american country mozzarella cheese curls unconsciously made with bull semen. To prevent frustration as time goes by, make sure you wrap it up.

8. You will never know other people’s connections, very end judging. What seems odd for your requirements, might be true-love for anyone else.

9. You shouldn’t day Denis Duffy. In the event that person you’re matchmaking identifies by themselves as « the beeper king of New York » or attempts to push you away from a subway platform, you should not simply walk off, run you dummy.

10. Really love means to be able to be strange collectively. Ultimately you will satisfy someone who really likes and accepts your quirks – Princess Leia outfit and all.