Bonus: A Few Other Unique Side Hustles


While it’s hard to say which is the best side hustle, it is fair to say that these are at least some of the best side hustle ideas you’ll find. I know that some of these may seem strange, and others might involve startup capital or a car.

But just try testing out a few of these ideas. Many help do several of these tasks and have been able to quite their day job. Becoming a freelancer in the new gig economy is a lot like working a lot of side hustles without working a “real” job.

Whoever you are, if you’ve made it this far, then the time to start your new unique side hustle is now. Good look and enjoy the journey!

In terms of how much you can make-I have a portfolio of 10 websites. I created a whole business out of this, I make good money with it. But I think by the end of the first year, it’s realistic to say that you can make somewhere between $250 to $1,000 a month if you work on it consistently throughout the whole year and put hard work into it and really focus on learning as well.

A lot of the time, they don’t have an answer. It might be someone in the staff or someone that doesn’t really want to do this. And offering the service is something that most likely they haven’t been offered before.

You offer your services on Craigslist and Facebook and just basically talk to the people that you know and say, “Hey, I’m doing this.” The beauty here is that this is a repeatable thing, especially for carpets. People are walking on carpet all the time, carpets are getting dirty, and a lot of people don’t clean their carpets enough.

So the amount of money that you’re going to make really is difficult to determine here because it depends on what the job is and what the skill level is and that sort of thing. But you can obviously make some decent money every single month doing these gigs.

There’s something on this list for everyone, from the high school student who wants to make a little extra cash after school to the homeschooling mother trying to pay off student loans faster to bloggers that are looking to diversify their revenue streams

Now to get started on this, there’s actually two different websites that you can get started on. If you go to taskrabbit, you can use that, or you can use a service called thumbtack And you can try either of those, and that’s where you can find jobs.